We want to see people first and foremost RESPOND to the gospel. To give their lives to Jesus.
We want to see people REBUILD their lives on a solid foundation, overcoming the misconceptions about what it means to be a ‘Christian’.
We want to see people REPEAT the truth of the gospel that changed their lives, desiring to see that change in others.

welcome to renovation

Our mission is to become all things, to all people, with the unchanging message of the gospel.  To be a church that reaches every generation, every people, and every culture, because we have an unstoppable message.

Our desire is to show the world the love of Jesus and what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Our goal to give up every preference we have, because our burden for the lost to be so great that ‘I’ doesn’t matter.

our staff

Kyle Kormeier

Lead Pastor

About Kyle

Pastor Kyle accepted God’s call to plant a church in August of 2013. His desire is to see generations radically following Jesus today in the same way they did 2,000 years ago. Kyle and Chelsie were married in 2008 and they have two beautiful little girls, Naomi and Lucy. They are pursuing God’s call to see people in St. Joseph turn to Jesus, and begin following Him.

Chelsie Kormeier

Reach Coordinator and Founder of the Overflow

About Chelsie

Chelsie co-founded Renovation Church with her husband Kyle. Chelsie is the founder and director of 'The Overflow', a women's ministry that is reaching hundreds of women throughout Saint Joseph and across Missouri. She also coordinates 'Reach', which serves people in our city, nation, and world.

Scott Hawkins

Pastor of Strategy and Development

About Scott

Scott joined the Renovation team in September of 2017. He has a passion for administration and leadership development. Along with being a gifted teacher, Scott is a licensed counselor who pours his life and knowledge into others.

Josh & Carrie King

Renovate Kids Ministry

About Josh & Carrie

Josh and Carrie lead Renovate Kids City, our ministry to children. They have created not only a fun and safe environment, but a place where kids can build relationships with each other and encounter Jesus.

Lyman & Lundan Johnson

Student Ministry

About Lyman & Lundan

Lyman and Lundan Johnson pour their lives into serving students at Renovation. Along with an incredible team, they lead students on Wednesdays as they encounter Jesus through worship, the Word, and providing a safe, fun place to build relationships.

Tabitha Ritter

Worship Leader

About Tabitha

Tabitha is passionate about not only serving Jesus, but leading other people into connecting with Him through worship.

Mason Smith

Production and Innovation Leader

About Mason

Mason is passionate about finding new and creative ways to share the message of Jesus. He is a part of the Renovation leadership team, and brings new and creative ideas that help Renovation connect with people of every generation.

Hannah Jurgensen

First Impressions Coordinator

About Hannah

If you love coming to Renovation Sunday and enjoy a friendly, welcoming environment, then you have Hannah to thank. Hannah leads not only our welcome team, but also makes sure everything flows smoothly on Sunday's.

what we believe

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. It was written by men through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Although people throughout history have tried to disprove it, it is evident that God’s Word has prevailed and does not contradict itself.